Southeast Missouri's bootheel is located in the heart of the Mississippi flyway. The migration traffic combined with local, federal, & state refuges close by makes for great waterfowl hunting. We have flooded rice fields that we personally farm available for lease.  Not only do we manage waterfowl hunting on our own farm. But other landowners and neighboring farmers trust killMOducks opening access to thousands of acres in Dunklin and Pemiscot county.

SEASONAL PIT LEASES. $6,500---$10,000


RJ #2

Location: South of 720
Size: 20
Capacity: 6-8 man 2 dog boxes

20 foot pit really good location. This pit isn't far from BIG LAKE refuge in ARKANSAS. We have never hunted RJ#2 but we do have a field that is adjacent to this pit, and it is one of the best in the area.

The guys who have the field adjacent have leased the same location for 15+ years. Refrences can be provided standing behind us.

$8,500 if we get the rice planted

$7,500 soybeans 

A real good spot that won't come available again once a good group leases it. 

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RJ #3

Location: SOUTH of 727
Size: 20 foot
Capacity: 6-8 man

  • This field may be included in our membership. We are undecided if we are going to lease it or not. Im confident this will be a very good field Its a high traffic area. IF we do lease it will be $8,500 flooded rice $7,500 soybeans 


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RJ 4-5-6-7

Location: EAST OF P.W.
Size: 20
Capacity: 6 - 8 man

  • Package deal 2 to the north 2 others to the south.. We need to explain and show these locations in person. Or we can facetime view the area...  PLEASE call 573-344-6071 or 870-623-7560

FORMALLY guide service locations & would give any group several hundred acreage mobility as well as the opportunity to keep a roosting area  right beside your field. 

ALL 4 locations     $32,000

2 out of the 4        $16,000

Great opportunity these fields are good! 

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Southeast Missouri duck/goose hunting in RIVES Missouri with HOMEGROWN LOCAL residents.

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