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Conservation season opens Feb 7th and we hunt them very hard. Last year 2021-2022 we killed over 350 this happened over about 12- days of hunting. We always have to many of these dang bird around, and we need help thinning the population. If you have never experienced shooting at hundreds of geese in your face please do not hesitate to book days. 

   There is nothing to compare this type of hunting, and almost ALL who give us a chance return the following season! Don't hesitate we wont have these days open very long,. 

Our pit leases often go fast. We do offer daily and seasonal pit leases.  They often are spoken for 1-year in advance. Inquire early if your group is interested in leasing a field.

We do offer memberships, but we are very selective in doing so. We aren't in this business just for the money. We have a passion for duck hunting and plan to increase our success in every outing. If you're interested in a membership we must meet you, and hunt with your group. 

We require everyone to sign a release of liability, if you're not willing, we cannot book a hunt.

We will breast the birds for you. We do encourage tips, but they are not required. If you wanted your ducks plucked, we have an outside contact that can do this for a set fee. 


*You will need warm camouflage clothing, rubber boots or waders, snacks, drinks, shotgun, steel shotgun shells, hunting license, and a lot of enthusiasm!  

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Southeast Missouri duck/goose hunting in RIVES Missouri with HOMEGROWN LOCAL residents.

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