We are lifelong residents of southeast missouri. Hunting the land we grew up on. This is our home!!  We work hard all year round to provide the best waterfowl experience for our clientele. 

Rives Missouri plowboys offering the best waterfowl experience that the bootheel has to offer. 

We at killMOducks save the best blinds to offer PREMIUM guided hunts

No other outfitter in the region can offer what we do at killMOducks.  Locally owned and operated with a abundance of flooded rice fields. 

Spending alot of money & working closely with DU to keep hunting pressure low. Strategically examining pit placement & leaving fields NOT hunted is the key to our success. 


Tj Scott | Owner

TJ Scott was born, and raised in Rives Missouri. A rice farmer with his dad, & experienced waterfowl enthusiast in the winter.

He started  hunting at the age of 9, &  began guiding duck hunts at 15. Blessed with the opportunity to hunt the same fields he started on as a kid. His heart is for God, family, and the bootheel of Missouri.  

Andrew Scott | Partner

Andrew is the true definition of a outdoorsman. He LOVES to hunt! Andrew grew up duck hunting with TJ, but over the past couple of years the student has become the teacher. 

Rarely does Andrew miss a day during regular season. The heart he has for this sport combined with his ability to work mallards to a finish is a experience to enjoy! 

Andrew Conley | Guide/ Partner

Andrew Conley is a partner to Killmoducks, & for a good reason. The man has a passion for duck hunting. Born and raised on his family farm in Rives Missouri. He has experience that is unmatched in Missouri's bootheel.  

D. Davis | Guide

Dino Davis is a legend in Dunklin/Pemiscot county Missouri, & one of our closest friends. Dino farms with his father in the bottom of the state. He grew up in Rives & hunted sloughs long before any rice was even farmed in southeast Missouri. He has watched the transformation, and has been hands on with the growth of the waterfowl industry since day 1. One of the funniest guys you'll ever be around, & has plenty of experience to make your visit a success. 

Chad Wright | Guide

Chad was born and raised just across the state line in Arkansas, and still works on a big rice farming operation around Blytheville. Big Lake is etched in his DNA; but when we are able to get him to guide for us in the rice fields, its always a success. True determination to kill waterfowl combined with the good ole boy personality. He exceeds all expectations, & killmoducks is proud that he helps us. 

Garrett Williams | Guide

{G-Money}    Garrett grew up in southeast Missouri & has impressed many with his ability to kill ducks and geese this season.    

2020-2021 season separated the weak from the strong. G proved to be tough!  Even on the slow days he has hunted HARD, and his kill numbers prove him to be one of the elite in Missouri's bootheel. 

Will Camp | Guide

Will also being a Arkansas resident spent alot of time hunting southeast Missouri. When he isn't bouncing off the timber in Big Lake you can always find he is killing ducks in a flooded rice field just across the line in SEMO. 

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Southeast Missouri duck/goose hunting in RIVES Missouri with HOMEGROWN LOCAL residents.

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