January 2023 has arrived, and nobody predicted the amount of harsh weather or hunt pressure these birds have been dealing with all season. Normally I would be ready to take a break the first part of the month, but we have not had very man solid days of killing. This past December has been one of the toughest in recent history. That being said I have many of friends in Louisiana who needed and deserved a good year! So proud for you coon a*s's. We will get them on the way back north. 

Dates open for guided hunts in January; some of which are very solid dates that we do need to fill. Also booking Snow goose conservation hunts this season opens the second week of February. WE NEED SHOOTERS! Off to bed. 4:30a.m. comes early. Yall stay tuned, and stay in touch with me as I want to meet all who follow this blog, and may be intrested in hunting with us in Southeast Missouri.   

Jesus gets all the Glory, just allow me the good  :)

 <T.J. Scott>

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Southeast Missouri duck/goose hunting in RIVES Missouri with HOMEGROWN LOCAL residents.

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